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A Maori Dictionary of common words and phrases has been compiled to help with their meanings and pronunciation.
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From The English Dictionary - R

rabbit - rāpeti

Rabbit Island - Moturoa

Motu - Island
roa - long.
Long Island.

Raglan - Whāingaro

Raglan, a coastal town on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand some 50 km from Hamilton is famous for it's surfing, music, artisans, cafés and lifestyle.

rat - kiore

Māori name for a species of rat (rattus exulans). It is the world's third most widely distributed rat, found throughout the Asia/Pacific area.

red - whero

A colour

right - katau

river - awa

Robert - Ropata

Robert - Rāpata

rock - pōhatu

Rose - Rohi

run - oma

From The Maori Dictionary - R



Raetea -

Raetea - A mythical taniwha dragon in Māori mythology.

Raetihi -

Rae - headland
tihi - summit, peak.

Rāhui-pōkeka - Huntly

rākau -


Rakiura - Stewart Island

Rakiura - Glowing skies - possibly a reference to the
sunsets for which Stewart Island is famous for the aurora ustralis the Southern Lights that are a phenomenon of our Southern latitudes.
The southern most island of New Zealand.

rangatahi -


Rangatira -

person of chiefly rank

Rangaunu -

Ranga - shoal of fish
unu - to pull out.
Good fishing.

Rangi - sky

Rangikapiti -

Rangi - upper regions
kapiti - joined

Ranginui -

The Sky Father

Rangiriri -

Rangi - sky
riri - angry.
The angry sky.

Rangitata -

Lowering cloud.

Rangitikei -

Rangi -sky
'tikei - extend, stretch out.

Rānui-pōkeka - Huntly

Located in the Waikato District North Island, New Zealand.

raparapa -

the end part of the maihi representing the fingers of the whare tūpuna.

Rāpata - Robert

rāpeti - rabbit

raro - bottom

Rarotonga - Mt Smart

raruraru - trouble

rau -

Hundred, many, leaf, oar blade.

Raumati - Summer

The warmest season of the year, in the Northern Hemisphere from June - August and in the Southern Hemisphere from December - February.

Rawene -

Setting Sun

Rāwiri - David

reo - language

reta - letter

riki -

Small, few, minor.

rima - five

Rimutaka -

From the Mā remutaka - to sit down.

ringa - arm

ringa - hand

Riri - Lily

rito -

centre shoot of flax

riwai - potatoe

roa -

Long or high.

rohe -


Rohi - Rose

Rongo -

god of peace used to refer to the peaceful domain within the meeting house

Ropata - Robert

rōpū - group

roto - lake

Rotoiti -

Roto – Lake
iti – little.

Rotokakahi -

Roto - lake
kakahi - freshwater shellfish.

Rotoroa -

Roto -Lake
roa - long.

Rotorua -

The full name is Rotorua-nui-a-Kahu.
Roto - lake
rua - two.
Literally translated Rotorua means second lake. It was named by the Māori chief Ihenga, as it was the second major lake that he discovered. The lake is the largest of a multitude found to the north and east of the city, all connected with the Rotorua Caldera and nearby Mount Tarawera.

rourou -

a food basket

rua -

pit for storing food

Ruamahanga River -

Relating to the River.
Rua - two
mahanga - forks.
Situated in the South Wairarapa District at the southern most corner of New Zealand's North Island.

Ruapehu -

Rua - two
pehu - to explode.

Ruawai -

Rua - two
wai - water.
Named in recognition of the location beside two waters, the Northern Wairoa River and the Kaipara Harbour.

Ruhi - Lucy

Ruihi - Louise

Ruka - Luke

runanga -

tribal or public assembly, conference, council

ruru -

owl or morepork
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